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Career in Digital Marketing India

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Google, it doesn’t exist! It’s simple as that.

For a brand, this statement could be the worst nightmare. Starting a business involves sweat, blood and tears and after all those sleepless nights of ideation and product completion, if the brand owner can’t reach out to his or her target audience, everything goes off wasted.

That’s why, today, digital marketing is on a rising demand and digital marketers are the ones to have a perfect career.

If you didn’t know, some of the largest tech companies in India recently laid off thousands of their employees in the label of redundant skill sets. Those who were smart enough to upskill to what is in-demand today are the ones to retain their jobs today and grow in their careers.

One such sector is digital marketing. So, if you’re someone who’s looking for a career shift into digital marketing, don’t think too much because it’s one of the most lucrative career paths today and a niche that every brand is looking for.

Read on to know why it’s the perfect career option for you.

Conventional Marketing is cluttered

Gone are the days people tolerated advertisements and commercials on TVs, radios and newspapers.

People have now woken up to the concept of ‘permission marketing’ and are increasingly looking to consume information they’re looking for or brands they’re interested in through engaging content.

That’s why brands and businesses are massively turning towards social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Plus, businesses have also understood that it’s easier to track their ROI’s and efforts on social media platforms than on conventional commercials. This renaissance in the thought process of brands has opened up avenues for creative strategists to venture into digital marketing.

Demand > Supply

Some of the most crucial factors to consider before deciding on your career are job opportunities and scope for growth. Digital marketing offers both.

Reports reveal that close to 150,000 job opportunities will be created in the digital marketing space by 2020 and it’s one of the very few industries where there is more demand for specialists than supply.

Besides, the salary report published by Mondo also reveals that the demand for specialists in this niche will increase by 38% in 2017. In short, digital marketing is one of the most reliable industries to venture into.

This is fine. But Pay?

Digital marketing is a lucrative industry. Since the demand for experts is more than the supply, brands are willing to go an extra mile to create an online presence for their businesses and compensate specialists with what they deserve.

If there’s an industry that holds true of the statement – salary not a constraint for the right candidate, it’s digital marketing. 

The pay scale ranges from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 2,50,000, where an industry fresher can start his or her career with Rs. 15,000 and experienced leaders and managers can take home a package of Rs. 2.5 lakhs per month.

Besides, the industry is also open to consultants and brand engineers, who can quirkily move up the pay scale with their expertise and earn more than digital marketing leads would.

E-Commerce is Inevitable

The foundation has been set and there’s no looking back for the e-commerce industry.

As a consumer, you and I now have this habit of checking out a retail store for the arrival of latest products and buying them on deals and cashback offers online.

E-commerce has become an integral part of our lives, where we order everything, from food to baby diapers, online. Every business that has ventured into e-commerce needs to be found online for sales and this is where digital marketers come in.

From social media marketing to search engine marketing, digital marketing specialists sweat it out to build a brand from scratch, make it engaging and reliable, create a positive ecosystem for the brand to survive on its own, acquire customers and also turn them to evangelists. Only a digital marketer can pull of this feat.

Online Competition is Real

With so many brands and startups popping up, everyone wants to have a piece of cake, making it extremely difficult for consumers to decide on what product or service to choose. In the end, they end up choosing the one that catches their attention and offers them the solution to their concerns. Since brands realize the competition in the market, they are ready to invest more on online marketing and promotions, employing digital marketing experts. Only a skilled digital marketer can analyse online trends and data and come up with the best approach to build a brand and rebuild a broken one. Since digital media is a two-way communication, every company is now on the lookout for skilled marketers to handle their online reputation and queries as well. An ignored message on Facebook is an ignored sale and businesses have now realized that. So, digital marketing is a rewarding and a challenging career in a sweet way. With creativity reigning throughout and getting paid to be creative, we’re sure this is one of the best industries to venture into. Plus, this is the right time to switch to digital marketing.

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Sai Bharath

Sai Bharath

Founder of IADMS

Sai Bharath is a Passionate Trainer, blogger, Entrepreneur , Digital Marketer from Bangalore . Also a Digital Marketing Consultant for many corporate and SME's He has specialist in Google analytics, Adwords, SEO & Email Marketing. He has been in this field since 2012.

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