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Ultimate Guide to become successful digital marketing Expert

Ultimate Guide to become successful digital marketing Expert

Why become a Digital Marketing Expert?

If you didn’t know, digital marketing is one of the most lucrative industries right now.

Also considering the recent layoffs in the IT industry in India, one of the most practical ways to grow in your career is by becoming a digital marketing expert.

Statistics also shows that this industry has grown by 40%, making it one of the best career options in India currently.

Companies and businesses have now realized the potential and worth of digital marketing and the roles digital marketing experts play in the growth and evolution of them.

That’s why companies are increasingly keen on having in-house digital marketing teams.

The Components of Digital Marketing

It’s been confused, misinterpreted and speculated often. As a solution to all the speculations out there, here’re the components of digital marketing. This is the basic and as a digital marketing expert, you should develop skills in the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile app marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web analytics

When you gain exposure on these subjects and master them, you will evolve into a digital marketing expert companies are looking for. Your expertise will be valued and your voice will have an authority to make informed business decisions.

But there’s a catch!

How to become a digital marketing expert?

It’s simple.

Every skill requires its own sweet time to develop and evolve and digital marketing is no exception.

Just like how you cannot become a doctor, an engineer or at the least, learn to ride a bicycle in a night, you cannot become a digital marketing expert in a week.

This requires constant reading, practicing, updating, and experimenting on the subject to become a digital marketing ninja.

There might be tons of online articles and YouTube videos out there that will tell you that you can become an expert in 30 days but unless and until you take up a proper course and dedicate time to learning the subjects, you cannot become a pro at what you do.

So, the solution is to take up an course from a reputed institute and start from the basics. Doing a course will set your foundation strong and help you get insights that will allow you to explore the depths of digital marketing on your own. You will have the skill sets to experiment and work individually which is not possible when you learn them by yourself.

To further help you understand, let’s distinguish a digital marketing expert from a digital marketing associate.

Imagine there’s a self-learned associate, who has minimal practical and zero industrial exposure. He has textbook knowledge and all his experiences are through examples. So, when a company approaches him, the associate would recollect the procedures from textbooks and reference materials and blindly follow the contents included. He would be the conventional digital marketing agency who would not ideate, brainstorm and look for long-term solutions.

A digital marketing expert, on the other hand, will stand out in the crowd. The expert has practical knowledge, he or she has worked on real-time case studies and knows the industry best practices.

The digital marketing expert will know what channel or medium will work for your business or niche and what won’t. Just because Snapchat is trending, the expert wouldn’t venture into it. He or she knows to make informed decisions.

Besides, the digital marketing expert will also know the science behind his/her actions.He or she has a unique attention to details that will help your business in tons of different ways. Understand that businesses need you not because they don’t know how to grow but because they don’t know what their problems are or where they lack.

As an expert, you will bring in competencies from those aspects and get them up and running. You will be addressing their problems or shortcomings and doing research on the best ways to tackle them.

Post this, you will run experiments of different solutions and have proper analytics in hand to infer results. Based on the data, you will conclude and chart the way forward for the business you’re working with.

See the difference?

Everybody works hard but knowing the purpose and driven by it makes all the difference. So, if you intend to become the digital marketing expert who stands out, check out the following tips. Note that these tips are after you take up a legit digital marketing course.

Stay Updated

A digital marketing expert always stays updated about the industry trends and happenings. That’s the only way newer ideas can be implemented and faster and effective solutions can be come up with. Besides, social media and the entire digital marketing space are very volatile. Tomorrow, all of a sudden, Facebook or Google can change its algorithms, resulting in the drop of your customers’ rankings or visibility. There could be one hashtag that could be ruling the social media and more. You need to be aware of all these and be ready to leverage these instances to your advantage.

Follow Industry Experts

Experts are always working on something unseen and unthinkable. They are more like researchers who often come up with pathbreaking ways to connect with people and that’s why you should connect with them to be the first to know about their ideas, opinions and visions. There are industry experts working with all major social media platforms, who are visionaries, always venturing into uncharted paths. Following them will give you the international exposure your clients might need and that one idea you were looking for to crack a campaign.

Resourceful Materials

Besides following industry experts, you should also be productive in terms of what you read online. There are some really credible and authoritative websites like Mashable that offer the best of digital marketing knowledge. You should listen to podcasts, watch YouTube tutorials, subscribe to useful newsletters and blogs and more to fully let diverse concepts of digital marketing sink into you. That’s how digital marketing experts are made.

Learn from Mistakes

If you can learn from your mistakes, you’re smart. If you learn from your competitors’ mistakes, you’re wise. You’re smart but it’s time to act wise by following your competitors and their activities. Remember that the competition should be healthy and follow ethics as we are here to build brands. Your competitors are watching you too. So, it works best if you can create an ecosystem of sorts and let learning happen seamlessly. This builds credibility for digital marketing as a whole and fetches you organic recognition and following.


Socializing is one of the best ways to become a digital marketing expert. You never know where you stand unless you put yourself in a crowd. If there are digital marketing events or meetups happening in your locality, register and get going. Introduce yourself to new people and discuss ideas and strategies. Talk and listen more. Digital marketing is more like a jigsaw puzzle and networking will help you find pieces to it. There’s also this famous quote that says that small minds discuss people and great minds discuss ideas. Apart from the social media platforms, come out to the real world and connect with fellow digital marketing experts. This will help you in the longer run. Who knows? You might even find new clients during such instances.

Never Hesitate to Experiment

The world might stand against you but don’t let that deter you from experimenting ideas and things you think of. Digital marketing experts should remember that at the end of the day, we are dealing with people and they, as a whole, are volatile. You can never predict your customers’ behavior and that’s exactly why marketing is so interesting. So, never back off from experimenting your ideas. The ones that work will take you far but the ones that don’t will take you further. It’s that simple!

Make use of analytics

After every campaign, you’ll have tons of data to work on. But if you don’t know what to do with them, it’s futile. A digital marketing expert needs to talk to data, understand patterns, connect dots and derive customer insights that would go on to complement online campaigns and promotions. So, work on your web/data analytics skills to become a digital marketing expert.

So, we’ve said it all.

It’s a lucrative industry that’s open for people right now. All you have to do is sharpen your skills, gets hands on experience and venture into this rewarding career. From startups to Bollywood, everyone’s looking for digital marketing experts and if you can become one, you have a really, really fruitful career ahead of you. Not only in India, the world is looking for digital marketing experts who can build brands and businesses from scratch and take them to where they truly deserve.

Get started with digital marketing today.

The Digital Marketing experts in India are still less so you have a chance! The sooner you start, the better it is. Start working on the key areas today itself.


Impact of Online Classes Vs. Traditional Classroom Sessions

Impact of Online Classes Vs. Traditional Classroom Sessions

Ever since this concept called e-learning came into existence, the debate on online classes and traditional classes has been prevailing.

No matter how determined you are about your method of learning, there’ll be one guy to confuse you saying that there’s nothing like traditional classroom sessions or there’s nothing more convenient than online classes, making you confused all the more.

To clear some misconceptions off on this topic, we’ve distinguished each, allowing you to make a decision in the end. Read on.

The Discipline to Study

By discipline, we don’t mean the field of study but the motivation to study. Generally, traditional classes are more appropriate for consistency.

As you know, online classes are self-paced in nature and it generally happens that the motivation to learn by ourselves and complete the course gradually fades over time. Especially, when you miss an online class, though you can catch up with it through recording videos, we generally tend to move on without going back to the previous session.

That’s where traditional classes make more sense. They have an attendance system, which directly connects with your eligibility to appear for your certification or exam. Since mandatory rules are exercised in physical classes, the motivation stays throughout. Online classes are also convenient but unless you have undeterred determination to complete your course, you will lose the hang of it.


In a classroom, regardless of its type, the connect is very important. A student’s connect with the teacher and with other students.

As a student, you should be confident of what you’re learning and be in line with the others in your batch. Traditional classrooms offer that. Since the timings of the classes are fixed and mandatory, almost all the students in a batch are sailing together.

They learn together and the practice together. Since virtual classes are disconnected, some students might feel isolated and have a feeling of being left out, seeing other students being highly active on chat. It leads to a lot of misconceptions and affects the progress in study. Mentorship is another concern in online classes, which is more effective in its traditional counterpart.


Traditional method of learning offers you real-world interactions and opportunities to have face-to-face conversations with your peers and teachers. This is of more value than the virtual sessions you have on online classes.

With the chat systems they offer, it becomes cluttered too soon and there’s a lot of chance that your teacher might miss out on the questions you asked, leading to confusion.

Conventional classrooms are the best for a healthy peer pressure, one-on-one interaction with teachers, and networking with others in the classroom. Online classes do have the opportunities but have their own shortcomings. Social media platforms cannot establish the rapport of that of a face-to-face interaction.

When it comes to choosing a method of study, these are the three primary factors that go into consideration. In the end, it all boils down to your personal convenience and preferences. However, there’s an edge that traditional classrooms offer that online classes are yet to catch up with. Just think over it and decide on how you intend to do your course.

digital marketing training

Scope and Future of Digital Marketing in India – [Read Before Taking Decision]

Scope and Future of Digital Marketing in India – [Read Before Taking Decision]

What seemed to be a buzz word a few years ago is now an integral part of our lives. Digital Marketing is everywhere and everyone seems to be having a fair knowledge of the industry. That shows the power of this tech trend and its influence across other industries. It’s a cliché to say that every brand needs marketing and every product/service needs to be promoted and taken to its end user. But what has happened today is just an evolution – a value addition – of this niche.

Moving away from the conventional marketing methods such as television, radio and print, brands and businesses have now found a new way to promote their brands to users. They’ve taken to the internet to hook their potential customers and sell their brand. Ever since Facebook slowly introduced advertisements to us, marketers woke up to the importance of moving their focus from the conventional mediums to their digital counterparts. Today, most of the marketing and promotional activities happen online on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora and search engines.

India also joined the bandwagon of digital marketing in its initial days of inception. With no lack for creative minds in the country, we embraced the tech trend just like how we embraced IT and all of its allied fields. Today, we’re just growing rapidly in a pace that close to 1,50,000 jobs are waiting to be filled by skilled digital marketers. Also, a lot of engineers and other graduates are taking up digital marketing courses to upskill to this niche and nailing their growth in their careers. If you’re still wondering about the scope of digital marketing in India, read on.

The Rivalry is now Online

Earlier, brands and businesses resorted to televisions and print advertisements to claim their businesses as number one and take a dig at their competitors. But now the game has just been stepped up and taken to the digital space. Conventional medium didn’t allow brands to appear right next to each other for a face off but the internet does. If you scroll down your Facebook page, there are high chances that you’ll get to see two rival brands appearing one after the other, competing to win your sales. As long as there’s competition like this, digital marketing will only continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Why? Because brands are always on the lookout for fresh minds and perspectives to appear superlative in their market!

E-commerce: The Game Changer

Right now, the most awaited days of our lives are the flash sales that our preferred e-commerce platforms come up with. If Amazon’s sale is near, Flipkart’s sale couldn’t be far enough. And to join the bandwagon after them will be Snapdeal. That’s how they’re slowly influencing the way we buy and with the concept of retargeting, the brands are just making sure you buy what you browsed. Not just the players, even the e-commerce portals that opened last week aim at becoming mainstream and require expert digital marketing specialists to take care of their promotions and branding and making them appear as the big daddy of all platforms. If you don’t believe, just type in something you intend to purchase and you’ll find at least 3 e-commerce platforms (apart from the biggies) that sell the product you’re looking for. Apart from the products, even services are making the most of digital marketing and targeting their potential customers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Since the mantle is being gradually moving on from brick and mortar stores to the online ones, the scope of digital marketing is only becoming more inevitable.

Google is Your Genie

Ask and you shall receive is the way things are working these days. Google has solutions to everything and people who know what they want directly key in the right search terms and getting what they wanted in minutes. If a brand has poorly optimized for search engines, it’s losing out on one of its easiest sales. Apart from SEO, search engine marketing is gaining momentum these days, where brands are constantly fighting and bidding for direct keywords that could easily procure them sales. Besides, they’re also targeting negative or loose keywords that users could potentially search for so they don’t miss out on sales because of users spelling a search term wrongly. Plus, some brands are also acting smart by appearing for their competitors’ brand name or search terms, trying to acquire their customers as well. All these are strategies of digital marketing that would reign supreme in India for the next couple of decades.

Content is not the King but the Emperor

Google has been very strict in terms of organic searches and has failed to even budge from its strong policy on content. That makes content marketing an inevitable part of digital marketing. If you notice, content is the foundation over which any digital branding strategy is formulated and executed. The click-baitish titles that you see, the quirky one-liners that you come across and the small description of products or services that you read before adding them to your cart are all pieces of content that binds a digital marketing strategy and the potential sales together. With Google being rigid on content aspects, the scope for digital marketing in India is not predicted to even come down by a point in the coming decades. Blogs, podcasts, emails, eBooks and any content that you find resourceful are all assets that are developed to keep customers informed about the market and help them choose services that a particular brand offers. Though sales is the ultimate goal here, as long as a customer is taking away home a few valid points to concerns that were troubling him or her, it’s great!

Digital marketing is influencing our lives in a more helpful way than we can witness and imagine and we haven’t even mentioned app marketing, emails and mobile marketing, plugins and others to drive home our point. To sum it up, digital marketing is here to stay. As long as there will be brands and businesses and internet, digital marketing will continue to reign supreme.

However, digital marketing is evolving each day and it is getting difficult to keep updated about the happenings in the industry. That’s why learning is best by practicing in this case. No matter how many blogs you go through or the eBooks you read up, you’ll actually find how beneficial or effective it is only when you get your hands dirty. So, we recommend you take the leap into digital marketing without second thoughts and venture into a lucrative career as soon as you can.

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If you’re wondering if digital marketing right for you, check out this article – IS A CAREER IN DIGITAL MARKETING PERFECT FOR ME?

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