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Impact of Online Classes Vs. Traditional Classroom Sessions

Impact of Online Classes Vs. Traditional Classroom Sessions

Ever since this concept called e-learning came into existence, the debate on online classes and traditional classes has been prevailing.

No matter how determined you are about your method of learning, there’ll be one guy to confuse you saying that there’s nothing like traditional classroom sessions or there’s nothing more convenient than online classes, making you confused all the more.

To clear some misconceptions off on this topic, we’ve distinguished each, allowing you to make a decision in the end. Read on.

The Discipline to Study

By discipline, we don’t mean the field of study but the motivation to study. Generally, traditional classes are more appropriate for consistency.

As you know, online classes are self-paced in nature and it generally happens that the motivation to learn by ourselves and complete the course gradually fades over time. Especially, when you miss an online class, though you can catch up with it through recording videos, we generally tend to move on without going back to the previous session.

That’s where traditional classes make more sense. They have an attendance system, which directly connects with your eligibility to appear for your certification or exam. Since mandatory rules are exercised in physical classes, the motivation stays throughout. Online classes are also convenient but unless you have undeterred determination to complete your course, you will lose the hang of it.


In a classroom, regardless of its type, the connect is very important. A student’s connect with the teacher and with other students.

As a student, you should be confident of what you’re learning and be in line with the others in your batch. Traditional classrooms offer that. Since the timings of the classes are fixed and mandatory, almost all the students in a batch are sailing together.

They learn together and the practice together. Since virtual classes are disconnected, some students might feel isolated and have a feeling of being left out, seeing other students being highly active on chat. It leads to a lot of misconceptions and affects the progress in study. Mentorship is another concern in online classes, which is more effective in its traditional counterpart.


Traditional method of learning offers you real-world interactions and opportunities to have face-to-face conversations with your peers and teachers. This is of more value than the virtual sessions you have on online classes.

With the chat systems they offer, it becomes cluttered too soon and there’s a lot of chance that your teacher might miss out on the questions you asked, leading to confusion.

Conventional classrooms are the best for a healthy peer pressure, one-on-one interaction with teachers, and networking with others in the classroom. Online classes do have the opportunities but have their own shortcomings. Social media platforms cannot establish the rapport of that of a face-to-face interaction.

When it comes to choosing a method of study, these are the three primary factors that go into consideration. In the end, it all boils down to your personal convenience and preferences. However, there’s an edge that traditional classrooms offer that online classes are yet to catch up with. Just think over it and decide on how you intend to do your course.

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